Debian/Ubuntu: Why was the service renamed from bind9 to named?

charlie derr cderr at
Thu Jul 23 14:56:02 UTC 2020

On 7/23/20 10:44 AM, charlie derr wrote:
> Caveat: i'm far from an expert on compiling, linking, disassembling,
> etc... (in fact i know *very* little about these domains), so it's
> possible my comment/question below won't even really make sense.
> Still, i'm not going to learn more without asking, so...
> On 7/23/20 9:49 AM, Michael De Roover wrote:
>> The idea is pretty interesting, seems like they provide a repository
>> with packages compiled with their own compiler that changes various
>> memory-related elements. It is true that memory is usually the culprit
>> behind security flaws.

Nevermind my previous question, obviously i didn't read carefully enough
(sonce their repo would expose the compiled binaries).

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