Debian/Ubuntu: Why was the service renamed from bind9 to named?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Jul 23 09:06:33 UTC 2020

Am 23.07.20 um 06:28 schrieb Ted Mittelstaedt:
> But truthfully you are proving my point.  The simple fact is that bind
> will compile WITHOUT using a FreeBSD port.  Linux is 10 times worse
> because they aren't even including the c compiler or development tools
> anymore.  

that's nonsense and there is no reason to have them installed by
default, that's wat a package manger is for

> But many "systemadmins" out there think they are Unix admins
> yet are afraid to compile programs. 

and many real admins know that a compiler don#t belong to a production
system and is only needed on the buildserver building packages

if you type "make install" you aere doping it wrong

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