DNS Misconfiguration on- http://cyberia.net.sa/

Michael De Roover isc at nixmagic.com
Sat Jun 6 02:55:26 UTC 2020

Wholeheartedly agreed. Not to mention that it's extremely rude to demand 
fame/money like that. These are not security researchers, they're skids.

(Please disregard the previous email, pressed the wrong reply button and 
realized it too late..)

On 6/5/20 11:53 AM, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> The localhost.<foo> is not scam, but the
> „I found this on HackerOne and I now want money“ is scam.
> Remove the localhost entry from the zone, but you should not pay money
> for issues that can be produced by automated scanners.
> HackerOne is doing everyone disfavor by paying nonsensical amounts of
> money[*] for small issues like this. They (and other wealthy companies)
> should be paying money only for original security research and not this
> nonsense.
> * $100 is a helluva money in some economies...
> Ondrej
> --
> Ondřej Surý
> ondrej at isc.org
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