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Sun Jun 14 22:53:13 UTC 2020

ISC had a statement about it a time ago:

You can now call primary and secondary zones. But the prevalence of terms are still master and slave. And I really hope this thing of changing nomenclatures doesn’t go any further due to political correctness.

For the newcomers it’s not OK to break years of terms, software and documentation just because some people can’t handle terms like master and slave. Slavery still exists today and making the word disappear will not solve the issue.

And you’re correct about the BDSM thing. It’s a waste of time, efforts and lines of code.


On 14 Jun 2020, at 19:38, Brett Delmage <Brett at<mailto:Brett at>> wrote:

I just read
GitHub, Android, Python, Go: More Software Adopts Race-Neutral Terminology


The BIND 9.11 Administrator Reference Manual at
still refers to masters and slaves.

Is this ARM the most recent version?

Are there any discussions about changing terms?

Anyway, when one is talking abut BDSM^H^H^H^H BIND, "master" and "slave" are the established terms, I believe?

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