BIND Masters and slaves

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Mon Jun 15 19:33:30 UTC 2020

This whole discussion seems so misguided.
The TLDR; version, at least for me is;
Does it really cost you that much to use language that's polite and kind to those around you, and change that language to live up to those ideals when you can?

Sure you _have the right_ to run down the street and yell impolite/angry/mysoginistic epithets and racial insults at those around you. 

But rather than focusing on _your rights_, how about spending a few minutes considering how you'd feel if people did equally insensitive things to your mom, you sister, your wife, or your best friend.

When viewed from that perspective, the "outrage" at not using/changing terms like master/slave in BIND seem, at least to my mind, kind of hyperbolic.

You can call it politically correct, but I generally like to call it "being nice" or "polite" or "kind." 
When did it suddenly become so wrong to be gentle, kind and caring? [That's a rhetorical question, so no need to "answer" it.]

The BIND and DHCP lists have historically been incredible lists for really polite and helpful people over the many years I've subscribed and participated. IME, these lists have been far superior to nearly any other lists I've been a part of. Super helpful. Really nice people> Super respectful. Totally awesome. I'm nearly always chuffed to see the behavior here.

I hope that continues.

MDR> Completely aside from the topic at hand, I often like to think that 
MDR> after a few years I mastered something. System administration, 
MDR> electronics, programming, whatever has piqued my interest for several 
MDR> years already and got me to invest in it. It is never true. The first 
MDR> profession I pursued was system administration and Linux in general. 
MDR> Even today I still learn so much on the daily. Mastery? I may be 
MDR> experienced with Linux but mastery is still far ahead... It's quite 
MDR> interesting how deep the rabbit hole can go. What matters is how deep we
MDR> want it to go I guess.

MDR> Crackerjack is an interesting name, if anything I'd just want it for 
MDR> shits and giggles :D

MDR> On 6/15/20 9:07 PM, Brett Delmage wrote:
>> After I feel I have mastered DNS and BIND after slaving over the docs 
>> and code for years (I'm not there yet, and I have not) how am I going 
>> to communicate this to people?

>> How will I be able to master anything technical anymore? Should I just 
>> stop trying?

>> suggests that one could call one type of DNS server the 
>> "crackerjack" server instead. I guess that's an improvement over 
>> "cracked". "Ace" server is a suggested alternative too, and it's 
>> nicely terse.

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