A And Cname-record

Ejaz Ahmed mejaz at cyberia.net.sa
Wed Jun 17 21:44:04 UTC 2020

when i am trying to add A and CNAME record together  for the same
subdomain, getting an error as below, you all kind  assistance would be
highly appreciated thanks in  advance

my records are as follows in zone

auotdiscover IN A
autodiscover IN CNAME autodiscover.acig.com.sa


dns_master_load: acig.com.sa.hosts:102: autodiscover.a
<http://autodiscover.acig.com.sa/>cig.com.sa: CNAME and other data

zone acig.com.sa/IN: loading from master file acig.com.sa.hosts failed:
CNAME and other data
zone acig.com.sa/IN: not loaded due to errors
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