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Bob McDonald bmcdonaldjr at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 13:42:26 UTC 2020

May I suggest the following?:

If you are an individual that is so pedantic that seeing a spelling error
causes you to lose sleep or have other soul searing consternation, send an
email (gently worded) to the poster only. Please also be encouraging to
that individual pointing out that these types of errors happen and will not
cause loss of their immortal soul. As Ondrej points out, we are trying to
build community that's welcoming to newcomers to the wonderful world of DNS.

I remember when I first subscribed to this list being terrified of posting
after reading several rather terse replies. I've since gotten a bit thicker
skin. I've learned a lot from this list. However, it's not for the timid.
Please be considerate in the wording of your replies.

With my lack of typing skills, my lack of spelling skills, and my lack of
grammar skills, it's a small wonder that anything I post on this list is

Couple that with most readers not having english as a first language and it
quickly becomes a miracle!

My somewhat simpler interpretation of that error:

if during the named loading process a zone produces an error that says
CNAME and other data, my experience has been that the zone being loaded
contains an A record and one or more CNAME records with the same owner
value (hostname). That's not allowed under the RFC documents for bind.


remtest IN A
remtest IN CNAME temp.example.com.


remtest IN CNAME temp.example.com.
remtest IN CNAME temp001.example.com.

Both examples are not allowed under the RFCs.

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