New BIND releases ... 9.16.4: build, 'fatal error: lmdb.h: No such file or directory'

PGNet Dev at
Fri Jun 19 05:18:19 UTC 2020

> but whether lmdb inclusion/usage now _functions_ correctly with that^ cleanup, i have yet to verify.
> checking now ...

iiuc @
	"The configuration is saved in a file called viewname.nzf (or, if named(8) is compiled with liblmdb, an LMDB database file called viewname.nzd)."

the 'nzd2nzf'

		if [ -z "$NZD" ]; then
		        echo_i "This test requires LMDB support (--with-lmdb)"
		        exit 255

tests that lmdb function -- 1st to create, then convert, the .nzd.  complete?  dunno ...

in any case, with that^ workaround, lmdb test looks ok

	sh nzd2nzf
		A:nzd2nzf:System test nzd2nzf
		I:nzd2nzf:PORTRANGE:5300 - 5399
		I:nzd2nzf:starting servers
		I:nzd2nzf:querying for non-existing zone data (1)
		I:nzd2nzf:adding a new zone into default NZD using rndc addzone (2)
		I:nzd2nzf:querying for existing zone data (3)
		I:nzd2nzf:stopping ns1
		I:nzd2nzf:dumping _default.nzd to _default.nzf (4)
		I:nzd2nzf:checking that _default.nzf contains the expected content (5)
		I:nzd2nzf:deleting _default.nzd database
		I:nzd2nzf:starting ns1 which should migrate the .nzf to .nzd
		I:nzd2nzf:querying for zone data from migrated zone config (6)
		I:nzd2nzf:exit status: 0
		I:nzd2nzf:stopping servers

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