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Sun Jun 28 15:13:00 UTC 2020

On 28.06.20 12:43, baalchina wrote:
>I had a bind 9.16.4 as recursive name server. I want to forward all queries
>to a specific dns server out of my net such as

it makes no sense to foward queries to, BIND can do the resolution
itself. Unless your access to internet is blocked, but access to
(and is not.

> While I have a new
>domain( such as I want to forward to a new dns server such as
>Here is my named.conf:
>options {
>        listen-on port 53 {;};
>        recursion yes;
>        allow-recursion {any;};
>        forwarders {
>      ;
>        };

>zone "" {
>        type forward;
>        forwarders {;};

of is IP of nameserver for, you should better configure it
as "type stub" or "type static-stub".

Note that resolving BIND can do that itself, so it really only matters if is not accessible from internet.


>So, in this configuration, the will be forward to or

the latter.
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