bind 9.16 vs. 9.14 tcp client connections

Arsen STASIC arsen.stasic at
Thu Mar 5 09:11:46 UTC 2020


Bind 9.16 was installed on 3/2 15:45 and tcp connections ramped up to maximum:
    rndc status | grep -i tcp
    tcp clients: 102/150
    TCP high-water: 150

Switching back to bind 9.14 on 3/4 15:45 shows "normal" tcp client behavior:
    rndc status | grep -i tcp
    tcp clients: 29/150
    TCP high-water: 67

I have found some tcp related changes in the later versions of 9.15 <>, but nothing which is explaining this kind of behaviour.
(attachment is in logarithmic scale)
Has someone else experienced this too?

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