Upgrade from 9.14 to 9.16 - transfer-source with low source port no longer works.

Ingeborg Hellemo ingeborg.hellemo at uit.no
Tue May 26 09:38:20 UTC 2020

FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p3

This morning I upgraded from BIND 9.14.11 to 9.16.3 via FreeBSD ports.

Then I realize that my slave server no longer transfer zones from the master. 
The zone transfers worked as expected before the upgrade.

There are no error messages. The slave receives notifies from the master:

May 26 09:40:35 ludvigsen named[22721]: client @0x81d593f68 received notify for zone 'av.uit.no'
May 26 09:40:35 ludvigsen named[22721]: zone av.uit.no/IN: notify from serial 2020052600

I can do a 'rndc reload <zone>' without errors:

May 26 09:57:29 ludvigsen named[22721]: received control channel command 
'reload av.uit.no'

If I do a full 'rndc reload' I finally get an error:

May 26 11:08:14 ludvigsen named[25953]: unable to create dispatch for reserved 
port permission denied

Since this is a host with serveral virtual interfaces this address/port is set 
in named.conf:

        transfer-source port 53;

The solution was to remove the 'port 53' part of the config, 

Finally, the question: 

Has there been some change in when named changes user id and drops privilege 
from root? Or some other changes that can explain the error?

Ingeborg Østrem Hellemo  --  ingeborg.hellemo at uit.no
Dep. of Information Technology  ---  Univ. of Tromsø

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