getting a later-version of BIND on various linux OS's

Rob McEwen rob at
Mon Nov 9 07:18:03 UTC 2020

Several weeks ago, Mark Andrews gave me an excellent suggestion about a 
particular BIND feature, but it is a somewhat recent feature that 
started to exist on a version of BIND that isn't yet distributed in the 
default/main BIND distributions for many of the most common linux-based 
operating systems. I think the particular feature that was mentioned - 
came into existence around BIND 9.13? Unfortunately, many of the major 
linux operating systems haven't reached 9.13 yet. So, for example, I'm 
currently trying to upgrade a Debian server to a more recent version of 
BIND - 9.16 - and I saw the following pages:

But I can't seem to find any simple way to do this - or maybe I missed 
something on that page? - from what I've seen, for Debian, it requires 
that the BIND source code (and various dependencies) be downloaded, and 
then BIND has to be compiled. Or so it seems. I tried that, but kept 
running into errors  - something about "Libressl not found" - even 
though I really did already have the SSL package installed that it said 
it needed. It was a downward-spiral mess I couldn't seem to resolve.

So here is the question - is there an */easier/simpler/* way to get the 
most common linux operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOs, etc) - to a 
later version of BIND - beyond what auto-installs when you issue a 
command like "apt-get install bind9" - but /without/ having to download 
and compile the source code?

Rob McEwen, invaluement

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