About DNSSec-Validation=Yes and bind.keys

Onur GURSOY onurgursoygyte at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 10:18:23 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone,
I have some trouble about bin9 and dnssec
When i set dnssec-validation to auto.
My dns server is talking with google dns server ( and
when i set to dnssec-validation to yes
it couldn't talk with google dns server.
i have realized, there is no pre defined bind.keys.
I donwload it from this
and i added manually but result is the same
They didn't talk with google dns server.
where is the difference auto and yes.
and why default bind.keys file didn't come by default
Where is the problem.
If you want i can provide wireshark output.

Many Many Thanks,
With My Best Regards,

R&D Engineer in Embedded Systems
Master Student at Gebze Institute Of Technology
Department Of Electronic Engineering
GSM : 0(545) 764 7653
e-mail: onurgursoygyte at gmail.com
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