Servfail on Bind -9.16.1

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Sat Nov 21 21:52:11 UTC 2020

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 3:45 PM Fred Morris <m3047 at> wrote:

> Check your clock. Have you got NTP turned on? Is it working? If it's not,
> flush cache/restart before you test again.
> Thank you Fred,
Checked the time service , It's synced unless I am missing something.

timedatectl timesync-status
       Server: (
Poll interval: 4min 16s (min: 32s; max 34min 8s)
         Leap: normal
      Version: 4
      Stratum: 2
    Reference: 91EECB0E
    Precision: 1us (-23)
Root distance: 40.389ms (max: 5s)
       Offset: -4.216ms
        Delay: 88.989ms
       Jitter: 6.149ms
 Packet count: 4
    Frequency: +49.968ppm

Thank you,
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