Servfail on Bind -9.16.1

Ismael Suarez Ismael_Suarez at
Sun Nov 22 14:14:35 UTC 2020

Also, just for testing. Similar happened to me. Try with ‘dnssec-validation no;’
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On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 03:20:26PM -0600, upen wrote:
> .../...
> default.log:21-Nov-2020 15:11:18.008 client @0x7fb6a800c0a0
> (<>): query failed (broken trust chain) for
><> at query.c:6883
> dnssec.log:21-Nov-2020 15:11:18.008 validating<> bad
> cache hit (com/DS)
> lame-servers.log:21-Nov-2020 15:11:18.008 broken trust chain resolving '

it seems to be an error in dnssec. So I suppose that "dig +nodnssec
...." works.

May be "dig +trace" will give you more hints.

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