AppArmor, DHCP, Bind9 issue [SOLVED]

Ondřej Surý ondrej at
Thu Oct 1 15:54:02 UTC 2020

> On 1. 10. 2020, at 17:27, Olivier <oza.4h07 at> wrote:
> 1. I'm hesitant to file a bug on Debian about this.  As this both involves Bind9 and AppArmor, would you say it deserves to be implemented and documented in default Bind9 installation or that it is too specific for this ?

Speaking with my Debian Developer hat - I don’t think there’s a bug in Debian. The default AppArmor rules works
fine for most installations, and there’s a mechanism to extend the rules (from bottom of /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.named):

  # Site-specific additions and overrides. See local/README for details.
  #include <local/usr.sbin.named>

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