How can I launch a private Internet DNS server?

Michael De Roover isc at
Thu Oct 15 17:12:39 UTC 2020

Are these static IP's local or public? If local, you can instruct your
router to port forward to these. If these are public, I guess these
machines make a direct connection to the internet with a public IP on
their interface then? In that case you can omit any port forwarding.

The secondary DNS server is for redundancy. You can omit any
instructions regarding it when following the tutorial if you intend to
only make one. The server type would indeed be authoritative - the
other type would be recursive which is generally what ISP's have for
their customers, but I would avoid that because they can be used for
DNS amplification attacks (the authoriative ones can too but it's less
of an issue with those).

On Thu, 2020-10-15 at 16:57 +0000, Jason Long wrote:
> Yes, I have two static IP addresses. One is for DNS server and one is
> for my website.
> Excuse me, I just have one server for DNS and that tutorial is about
> secondary DNS server too. Can you show me another tutorial with one
> server and same goal?
> The Internet DNS server for my goal is "Authoritative DNS" ? 
Michael De Roover <isc at>

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