How can I launch a private Internet DNS server?

Jason Long hack3rcon at
Thu Oct 15 18:50:05 UTC 2020

In the panel of domain name registrar I can enter something like "" and an IP address.
I want to host the host t DNS server myself.

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> in the panel of it, I can enter my DNS server IP addresses.

I assume you refer to the panel of your domain name registrar. If so,
it would be useful to know which is the label near the field where you
enter the IP address. It may be to give an IP address to the
www.yourdomainname, not to indicate your DNS server.

> I want to launch a CentOS DNS server that my Web site using it and
> users can visit my website from the Internet.

I have a meta-question: do you absolutely want to host the DNS
yourself (it is certainly possible but it is more work) or do you just
want to have "a Web site that people can visit"? If you don't have a
specific reason to host the DNS server(s) yourself, consider using a
DNS hoster (most domain name registrars can be DNS hosters).

"For the fun" or "to learn DNS" are perfectly valid reasons.

> All tutorials that I found on the internet are about internal DNS
> servers, but I want to launch a DNS server for hosting my website.

There is no real difference between an internal DNS server and a
publically reachable one. Same DNS, same software.

> Is Internet DNS server just possible for providers?

Certainly not. You can host a publically-reachable DNS server
yourself. It is not rocket science but it requires some basic
knowledge about the TCP/IP family of protocols and about how things
fit together.

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