Why are no notifies send?

Sami Ait Ali Oulahcen sami at marwan.ma
Tue Oct 20 15:17:27 UTC 2020

On 10/20/20 3:54 PM, Axel Rau wrote:
>> Am 20.10.2020 um 16:02 schrieb Sami Ait Ali Oulahcen <sami at marwan.ma 
>> <mailto:sami at marwan.ma>>:
>> I don't see the part where the acls are used.
> Yes, acls have nothing to do with the notify, instead they are used in 
> an allow-transfer statement.
>> Is "also-notify" meant to be "allow-notify" ?
> No:
>  From bind 9.16 ARM:
> also-notify

Yes, sorry just realized after sending. I never used that option before. 
It shouldn't be an issue with the stack, we've been using v6 for 
notifies for years.

> Only meaningful if notify is active for this zone. The set of machines 
> that will receive a DNS NOTIFY message for this zone is made up of all 
> the listed name servers (other than the primary master) for the zone 
> plus any IP addresses specified with also-notify. A port may be 
> specified with each also-notify address to send the notify messages to a 
> port other than the default of 53. A TSIG key may also be specified to 
> cause the NOTIFY to be signed by the given key. also-notify is not 
> meaningful for stub zones. The default is the empty list.
> Axel
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