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TXT and other records can be duplicated.

I think you are CA, you know your answer. Ask your CA technical support (who provided you with the RSA certificate).

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Thank you for verifying the function of CNAME. I just want to check if it can be done. I know we do “TXT” for domain control validation of the webserver.


Linh Khuu

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it makes no sense what you ask for
why would you point with your whole webserver to geocerts?

a CNAME is what it is - and it can't exist with other revord types
so you can't have a CNAME for www.example.com<http://www.example.com> and at the same time a A-record or MX

Am 30.10.20 um 18:11 schrieb Khuu, Linh Contractor via bind-users:


I have a question. Does anyone know if CNAME can be added for Domain Control Validation. For example,

www.example.com<http://www.example.com> 3600 IN CNAME _8DA14D435F7042B71E212832EBFFD76B.www.geocerts.net

Can this record be done in BIND?


Linh Khuu

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