queries for IPV6 records on IPV4-only machine.

L. A. Walsh bind at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 7 22:46:47 UTC 2020

I am having some queries that I wouldn't think I'd have:

I have a split-view ipv4-only named 9.11.2 server that is run with the
"-4" switch, yet I see attempted queries in my queries log.  I have it
set as authoritative for the internal domain (though technically I think
it is classified as a lame delegation), and caching only for everything

First I'll see some server name:

05-Sep-2020 15:30:23.374 queries: info: client @0x7fbcb804e720 (PeerSrv.org): view internal: query: PeerSrv.org IN AAAA 
+ (

followed by a 2nd one:

05-Sep-2020 15:30:24.316 queries: info: client @0x7fbce40d5100 (PeerSrv.org.internal.Tlinx.org): view internal: 
query:PeerSrv.org.internal.Tlinx.org IN AAAA + (

Where internal is a subdomain within tlinx.org.

Am wondering why I'm seeing _any_ IPV6 lookups and wondering why I
see a 2nd lookup with the query looking for the domain inside my internal

Anyone seen this behavior before?

It probably doesn't add up to even 1% of my lookups, but I am


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