queries for external hostnames inside my domain?

L. A. Walsh bind at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 7 23:50:50 UTC 2020

On 9/7/2020 4:03 PM, Greg Rivers wrote:
> On Monday, 7 September 2020 17:46:47 CDT L. A. Walsh wrote:
>> First I'll see some server name:
>> 05-Sep-2020 15:30:23.374 queries: info: client @0x7fbcb804e720 
>> (PeerSrv.org): view internal: query: PeerSrv.org IN AAAA 
>> + (
>> followed by a 2nd one:
>> 05-Sep-2020 15:30:24.316 queries: info: client @0x7fbce40d5100 
>> (PeerSrv.org.internal.Tlinx.org): view internal: 
>> query:PeerSrv.org.internal.Tlinx.org IN AAAA + (
>> Where internal is a subdomain within tlinx.org.
>> wondering why I
>> see a 2nd lookup with the query looking for the domain inside my internal
>> domain.
>> Anyone seen this behavior before?
>> It probably doesn't add up to even 1% of my lookups, but I am
>> curious.
> Those are not "IPv6 queries", they are queries over IPv4 for AAAA records, -
Good point -- even as I asked that I had something like that scratching
on the inside of my head that I didn't quite remember or get.  That
makes sense.

I know the other comes from inside my dom as well, but why the 
ipv6 queries generate both an absolute query (from dns-root), and a
relative query inside my domain?  When I look at it, I can tell 
it looks odd and something seems to be looking up external domains from
the internal interface, but what might be causing it to also look for
it in the internal domain?  A program bug?


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