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I am doing a review of the older articles in our Knowledgebase, updating those I can and unpublishing those I cannot update. I am sure everything in there was accurate when it was written, but of course the software, and the overall Internet, have evolved. I found articles in there that were last updated in 2011, yet some of them still seem useful, and articles from much more recently that are so out of date as to be misleading to current users.

However, I am really not a BIND-user and I need help from actual users. If you have a little time to spare, consider reading an article and rendering your opinion on whether to keep or discard it.

I have made a list of articles in a Google sheet, ordered from oldest to newest, with a url link to the article. There is a column to pick one of a few review comments:

keep - confirmed accurate
keep - looks useful but not verified
keep - with minor updates in the comments
discard - inaccurate
discard - obsolete

The reason I have included several variations on ”Keep" is just in case you want to indicate a lower confidence in the ‘keep’ decision.  I realize this is a pretty unsophisticated review process, but IMHO it is better than nothing. Our current KB implementation isn’t amenable to community editing, so if anyone wants to volunteer more extensive edits to an article, email me the diff and I will apply it. 

Here is the Google sheet with the list of articles: <>

Just look for an article with nothing in the Review column. Please provide an email address if you are giving substantive comments I might need to subsequently clarify with you.

Thank you for your contributions.


Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium
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