different TTLs for multiple TXT records

Verne Britton vbritton at staff.wvnet.edu
Sat Sep 26 13:58:31 UTC 2020

I see that RFC2181, written I think 20+ years ago, says in part

>5.2. TTLs of RRs in an RRSet
>   Resource Records also have a time to live (TTL).  It is possible for
>   the RRs in an RRSet to have different TTLs.  No uses for this have
>   been found that cannot be better accomplished in other ways.  This
>   can, however, cause partial replies (not marked "truncated") from a
>   caching server, where the TTLs for some but not all the RRs in the
>   RRSet have expired.
>   Consequently the use of differing TTLs in an RRSet is hereby
>   deprecated, the TTLs of all RRs in an RRSet must be the same.

but in the last few years, perhaps even a decade, TXT record usage has expanded to be used for many different and unique purposes, such as domain ownership verification and SPF data.

What is the proper avenue to request an enhancement so each TXT record can have its own unique TTL value?

Can bind be changed to do this, or must the RFC be changed first?

Or, please give advice on how to do this today  :-)

a live example for a client

dig TXT newriver.edu

newriver.edu.           3590    IN      TXT     "docusign=b8923ecb-9c2e-4ead-ac43-17c3d522fd49"
newriver.edu.           3590    IN      TXT     "MS=ms76391508"

I desire to have the MS= record have a TTL of say 3600, but want the docusign record to have a TTL of 86400

... I put 3590 in there to make it easier to find it when looking at the zone file ...

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