bind 9.16.7 Odd query error (Borja Marcos)

Borja Marcos borjam at
Wed Sep 30 15:28:30 UTC 2020

> On 30 Sep 2020, at 15:29, Bob McDonald <bmcdonaldjr at> wrote:
> Same thing here. Here's what I found.
> 1) there's and old version of the root hints file. Nov 2017. Current is sept 2020. New one didn't change things. I'll look at my other setup which slaves the root.
>    Caveat: I'm running FreeBSD 12.1
> 2) Upon executing the dig a second time, it resolves.
> Almost looks like some sort of priming issue.

Phew, not alone. I thought something similar, I see the same problem either “secondarying" the root zone
or using a root.hints file.

Curiously it works perfectly when I disable IPv6. I can get a packet trace but with all the DNSSEC stuff it
gets crazy to check.

I was wondering, what kind of errors can fall into that “default/unspecified” error cathegory?

A race condition in the cache?


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