Djbdns dnscache - binds for multiple IPs

Chuck Aurora ca at
Wed Sep 30 23:37:09 UTC 2020

On 2020-09-30 16:42, Karol Nowicki via bind-users wrote:
> Does somebody has experience  with setup /etc/dnscache/env/IP to
> configure multiple Ips of network interfaces ?

I believe I might have done that in A.D. 2003.  I don't recommend
using unsupported, unmaintained software, especially in such a bug-
prone protocol such as DNS.

There are many supported free software DNS implementations to choose
from today, including the only one that is supported on this mailing
list: ISC's BIND named(8).

By default named will bind to all local IP addresses, so there is
nothing to configure in that regard.

Consider using BIND?  Good luck.

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