forwarding zone setup from a BIND slave (without recursion?)

RK K rvkota at
Wed Apr 7 02:47:23 UTC 2021


We have a set of BIND primary servers (MASTERs) and a set of secondary
servers (slaves to the MASTERs).
The secondary BIND DNS servers disabled recursion ( with "*recursion no;" *)
in the global options.
All the applications/systems do use secondary DNS servers for name

Now there is a need to configure a forwarding zone in the "secondary DNS
servers" to an external DNS server.

In this scenario, in-order for the secondary server to forward the DNS
query to an external DNS server, is it required to enable the recursion in
the global options on the secondary servers?
Based on reference material, I did not see such a requirement. But my
observation is the query is not getting forwarded ( tried to check using
the packet trace)
When recursion is enabled, the query is getting forwarded.

The BIND version I am using is 9.11.2.x.

Appreciate your ideas and help.

Thank you
Kind Regards,
Ravi Kota
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