rndc stops listening

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Wed Apr 7 17:31:47 UTC 2021

I now see this same behavior running BIND 9.16.12 on Ubuntu

I have never seen it on my instances running 9.11.x on Centos

I'd sure like to figure out why (or even when) it stops listening on 
port 953. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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On 12/11/2020 11:13 AM, John Thurston wrote:
> Running BIND 9.16.9 on CentOS 8
> I have the following in my .conf
>> controls {
>>   inet port 953
>>     allow {; } keys { "mykey"; };
>>   inet port 953
>>     allow {;; }
>>     keys { "threekey"; "fourkey"; };
>> };
> And I normally can see the named process is listening on tcp:953 on both 
> and   But sometimes later, I find it listening only 
> on   If I do an 'rndc reconfig', it starts listening again on 
> both addresses. Normal DNS service has continued uninterrupted.
> I can't find footprints left from anything falling down. I'd could just 
> install a watchdog to 'reconfig' whenever port 953 stops answering, but 
> I'd rather figure out why it is stopping and correct the problem. To do 
> that, I need more information.
> Am I not looking in the correct log?
> Do I need to crank up the logging level for something?
> If so, for what? and how high?

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