No logging of failed queries

Chuck Aurora ca at
Wed Apr 14 18:11:57 UTC 2021

On 2021-04-14 04:38, Gaurav Kansal wrote:
> Is there a way, by which we can log denied statement w.r.t. view
> somewhere in logging ?

The thing is, your view did not deny anything.  Your non-.IN client
simply does not match the match-clients list for that view.

> On 14/04/21 1:48 am, marka at wrote:
>> Real world configurations would have a catch all view after the
>> more specific views. Add one.

And that's what Mark is suggesting here.  If you follow your view
with another view:

view "any" {
     match-clients { any; };
     allow-recursion no;
     allow-query { none; };

... then you get your denied query.

>>> On 13 Apr 2021, at 22:41, Sachchidanand Upadhyay via bind-users
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