Does bind9 support adding acl and view through commands, not by updating config file?

Zhengyu Pan zhengyupann at
Thu Apr 15 12:53:15 UTC 2021

The  "intelligent" means that dns server return the corresponding A record IP address according  to the source IP address of the tenants.
My dns server is an Authoritative dns server. It hosts the zones of different tenants.

I need to update config file name.conf frequently Because The views and ACLS are added frequently.
So i want to know whether have commands or API to add acl and view like the command "rndc addacl" or "rndc addview"?
Updating config file frequently may affect other zones in this dns server.

At 2021-04-15 15:08:26, "Matus UHLAR - fantomas" <uhlar at> wrote:
>On 15.04.21 15:35, Zhengyu Pan wrote:
>>I want to implement intelligent DNS through bind9.
>>I need to add a custom line(IP address ranges) to bind9 using acl and view
>> when add a user.  Because when add a tenant, i need to define a new acl
>> and view.  I don't want to update named.conf config file frequently.
>what is supposed to be intelligent there?
>I mean, why?  are you going to provide recursive service to someone who pays
>for that?
>> Does bind9 support adding acl and view through commands or API, not by updating config file?
>> like the command "rndc addacl" or "rndc addview".
>I don't think so, looks a bit too complicated.
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