Configuring the location of named .jnl files

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Apr 26 15:35:07 UTC 2021

Ivan Avery Frey <ivan.avery.frey at> wrote:

> I'm trying to obtain certificates from Let's Encrypt using the DNS-01
> challenge method.
> I just want to confirm that there is no option to configure the
> directory for the .jnl files independently of the zone files.

You have had a bunch of helpful replies already, but your question
suggests to me that you might be making things more difficult than they
need to be. I have tried out configurations with non-default journal names
and I've decided it's more trouble than it is worth. For example, I added
the -J option to named-compilezone to improve support for custom journal
names, but the -j option for default journals is significantly more
convenient. And it's much nicer when I don't have journal options in every
zone{} clause in my config.

I know what they say about assuming, but I'm going to guess that you want
to put the jounal in a different directory because `named` complained that
it did not have write access to the directory containing your zone file.
If I'm right, you will soon find that `named` also wants to overwrite your
zone file, and the message I sent yesterday will probably be helpful:

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