Per server instance vs central / shared / redundant instances of BIND

Tony Finch dot at
Tue Apr 27 17:41:46 UTC 2021

Grant Taylor via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
> Do you think that per (mail) server instances of BIND are worth the additional
> administrative overhead as compared to more central shared instances?

Yes, that's what I did when I was doing mail things. There are a few
reasons: reduce load on the shared central resolvers; reduce the latency
of anti-spam blocklist lookups; better fate-sharing between the SMTP and
DNS parts of the mail service.

There's not much overlap between the kinds of queries done by mail servers
and other DNS users, so there's limited benefit from sharing a single
cache. There probably is benefit from sharing a DNS cache between multiple
mail servers, but from my point of view it was easier to have one kind of
machine that does SMTP + DNS than two different flavours of machine. (The
admin effort is per flavour, not per server.)

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