should I be seeing piles of gnuism extensions in the test suite?

Ondřej Surý ondrej at
Mon Aug 2 06:42:54 UTC 2021

I honestly don’t know what you are trying achieve here. We don’t declare that system tests are strict POSIX and neither should we. Pragmatic approach here is to support Linux and BSD. 

That said, BIND 9 is open source, and we would accept merge requests that are reasonable - which means commits must be small(ish), isolated and not complicate things just for the sake of the POSIX compatibility. Currently, the tests run with (d)ash as shell, so there are no bashisms, but anything beyond that - I would rather see a system test rewritten into py.test than dumbed down to strict POSIX. Basically, I am saying that anything that will increase maintenance costs will not be accepted.

We don’t have strict POSIX systems in the CI nor we are going to add it. It’s just a matter of priorities.

If this is something more than a hobby project you’ll have to scratch your itch.

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> On 1. 8. 2021, at 0:06, Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> wrote:
> What you are saying is that your testsuite is not portable. It may or
> may not work on some systems and good luck if it does not.  If I were
> to try a z/OS system then your code would certainly break there. I can
> and will test that.

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