Bind doesn't stop contacting global ROOT DNS servers after commenting(#) the the root hint zone in named.conf

Ramesh rameshsahoo11 at
Mon Aug 2 15:28:28 UTC 2021


I commented the root hint zone section(default) in the named.conf file to
stop bind from communicating to the global root DNS servers and it should
only use the internal forwarders available in the options{} section.

#zone "." IN { #       type hint;  #      file "";#};

But the BIND still communicates to the ROOT DNS server when the query can't
be answered by the internal forwarders.

   - Is this a default behavior?
   - Does bind has an inbuilt root hint zone even though the zone is not
   defined in the namd.conf file?

*I tried the following workaround and it worked for me.*

Disabled the global forwarders in the options{} section:

/*        forwarders {                x.x.x.3;                x.x.x.2;
               x.x.x.1;        };*/

Redefined the root hint as a forward type zone

zone "." IN {        //type hint;        //file "";
type forward;        forward only;        forwarders { x.x.x.3;
x.x.x.2; x.x.x.1; };};

Now bind only communicates to the forwarding DNS servers and never tries to
communicate to the global root DNS servers.

   - Any side effects with the above setting?
   - My org. doesn't allow external DNS communication.
   - Any other way to prevent bind communicating the root DNS servers but
   only ask the internal forwarders?

Thanks & Regards,
Ramesh Sahoo
Mob# 7798014674
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