Add DNS records automatically for static IP's

tale d.lawrence at
Mon Aug 9 16:40:13 UTC 2021

On Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 8:46 AM Roberto Carna <robertocarna36 at> wrote:
> Thanks to all of you, is it possible to use nslookup in order to
> update DNS records from Linux hosts to a Windows DNS server (not BIND)

Not nslookup, but nsupdate as Brian Cuttler said.  nslookup is purely
a query tool;
nsupdate implements the DNS Update protocol, which is one of the mechanisms
that Windows DNS server supports.

So, yes, you can go Linux -> Windows using nsupdate.

> El jue, 5 ago 2021 a las 14:14, Cuttler, Brian R (HEALTH)
> (<brian.cuttler at>) escribió:
> > I've been using nsupdate for that.


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