AW: Deprecating auto-dnssec and inline-signing in 9.18+

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at
Wed Aug 11 07:40:00 UTC 2021

> Syntax question:
> In
> the double quotes are never used in the zone stanza
> where the dnssec-policy is referred to. The double
> quotes sometimes (but not always) appear in the
> dnssec-policy definition stanza.
> Are the double quotes optional in both cases?

Yes, the dnssec-policy defines or refers to a name that is a string, 
which may be a quoted or unquoted string.

Some additional information on the subject: When it comes to strings, 
the named.conf parser expects some options to be quoted strings (usually 
file paths), some options to be unquoted strings (things like algorithm 
and class names), and some options to be just strings (usually names).

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