Trying again on SERVFAIL

Alessandro Vesely vesely at
Thu Feb 11 16:39:19 UTC 2021

On Thu 11/Feb/2021 14:47:13 +0100 Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Mark is right. The internet isn’t always on and it isn’t only composed of big tech companies with lots of resources.
> The internet consists of lot small systems made by people like you and me and we don’t have infinite resources to keep everything always on.

100% agreed.

> And honestly I find your quote about Cargo Cult very offensive to all those normal people maintaining the rest of the internet infrastructure that isn’t the current <n>-umvirate.

I don't share that point of view.  I cited it as evidence of a way of thinking.

I find it somewhat green, happy-go-lucky, but not offensive.  After all, if you 
limit the range to personal messages, it's a legitimate way to conceive email 


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