Bind 9.11 serving up false answers for a single domain.

John W. Blue at
Fri Feb 12 00:35:53 UTC 2021

Most people like yourself that do not care about OS purity often are not obligated (granted super broad generalization) to explain their changes to an Enterprise Change Management Board (ECMB or similar) for deviations from a "standard image".

That is also 100% okay too.  Those types of shops/sysadmins also typically don't have a buckets of cash sitting around either so you work with makes sense and use the resources available to get it done.

The over-arching point is that the lowest common denominator for proper troubleshooting is that tcpdump is useful and it does not need to be sourced or installed.  It is ready to go out of the box for nearly all situations that could potentially be encountered.

Usually. <grin>

Murphy's law of unintended consequences should always be account for.


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> I have found to tshark to be useful as well but the failing it has is that it is generally not included in a unix OS distribution.

Is bind? I mean, I have to install a bunch of stuff right off on a new bistro just to get a useable (for me) system. And if it's Linux I often have to UNinstall some things as well. I don't care about the purity of the distributions software set.

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