Problems with interfaces going down

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Fri Feb 12 23:33:21 UTC 2021


I’ve been fighting a two-fold problem with named (bind 9.16.11) running on macOS.

1: If an ethernet interface being listened to drops link, named immediately stops listening to it:

12-Feb-2021 17:33:19.326 no longer listening on


2: when link returns I get 2 tries to reestablish listening:

12-Feb-2021 17:33:39.458 listening on IPv4 interface en1,
12-Feb-2021 17:33:39.463 creating IPv4 interface en1 failed; interface ignored
12-Feb-2021 17:33:41.946 listening on IPv4 interface en1,
12-Feb-2021 17:33:41.951 creating IPv4 interface en1 failed; interface ignored

which both fail because named is no longer running as root.


Where I’m confused is that this ISC KB article:

seems to imply that the "no longer listening" event is due to a periodic interface scan finding the interface "unavailable".

That doesn’t fit my observations since it happens as soon as link is lost. If some minutes-long periodic scan were needed to detect the interface being down it would take, on average, half of that period to happen. It does not.

Further, I tried what the KB article advised by adding the option:

	interface-interval 0;

That does seem to stop the periodic scan (since my log is no longer filled with errors) but the “no longer listening” event still occurs right when the interface drops.


Is it not possible to have named drop to a non-root user (via -u) but still recover from (or ride through) a momentary ethernet link loss?

Having the server stop working due to a switch I have no control over burping is very suboptimal.

Thanks for any ideas.


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