and DMARC

Dan Mahoney dmahoney at
Tue Feb 16 20:54:30 UTC 2021

Greetings bind-users netizens.

Dan Mahoney, ISC SysAdmin here.

This is a message about and DMARC.  If you aren't concerned 
with DMARC, you can ignore it.  

Over a year ago, we added adaptations to to allow mail from 
DMARC-protected domains to be delivered.

If you've seen problems with the way currently handles DMARC 
(rewriting the From: header if your sending-domain has a restrictive 
[p=reject or p=quarantine] DMARC policy), we'd like to hear from you at 
listmaster at as we are considering making a slightly broader change.

We are considering setting to ALSO rewrite the From: header, 
even if your sending-domain has a DMARC (p=none) policy.  We think this is 
important because otherwise a domain, in rolling out DMARC with p=none to 
start, will see false positives from mailing lists (indicating that 
messages sent via that list would be rejected by the final recipients' 

We believe it makes sense for to behave the same for *ANY* 
DMARC policy and are considering implementing that in the next few weeks.  
We will keep you updated here.

-Dan Mahoney

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