underscore in A or PTR records

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Feb 17 09:48:53 UTC 2021

On 17.02.21 09:41, ONRUBIA AVILES Carlos (CCS/MST) wrote:
>What do you mean with " absolutely no, but since underscore is not valid in hostname as per rfc1123, I don't recomment you to use it in hostnamed" ?

substitute the last word with "hostnames" (a mistype).

I mean that since rfc1123 prohibits using underscores in hostnames, you
should not try to use them in hostnames.

Othersise, you may expect different problems on different places, and
whenever you'll solve such problem, people can tell you it's your problem.

>I tried with the following configuration in zone " dekil.nl " and bind do not accept it:
>hello_mail2.dekil.nl.         3600    IN      A
>I have the following message error:
>Feb 17 10:40:41 dnszone904 named[1633]: /etc/bind/zones/master/dekil.nl:19: hello_mail2.dekil.nl: bad owner name (check-names)
>Feb 17 10:40:41 dnszone904 named[1633]: zone dekil.nl/IN: loading from master file /etc/bind/zones/master/dekil.nl failed: bad owner name (check-names)
>Feb 17 10:40:41 dnszone904 named[1633]: zone dekil.nl/IN: not loaded due to errors.

yes, exactly.

>Sensitivity: Internal Use Only

this is really useless here, since you posted this to public mailing list.

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