underscore in A or PTR records

ONRUBIA AVILES Carlos (CCS/MST) carlos.onrubia.aviles at proximus.com
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Indeed my question was on A record but the issue is on PTR record.
I can configure the following line:

_ptr.dekil.nl.      3600    IN      PTR     _81.99-129-109.adsl-dyn.isp.dekil.nl

It works....we can use "_"  in both sides.

But what is strange is that the following configuration do not work:       3600    IN      PTR     por_tal-bis.skynet.be.

"_" is not allowed

Is it due to extra check by bind when it sees it is an arpa zone so no  "_" is allowed?



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> On 17. 2. 2021, at 9:50, ONRUBIA AVILES Carlos (CCS/MST) <carlos.onrubia.aviles at proximus.com> wrote:
> The issue we face is that a telecom provider ask us to implement a PTR record with a name like “example_try.net"

You are mixing the two things here. If the provider has asked you to create a PTR record, why do you keep trying to create a forward record? There’s some information missing somewhere.

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