Bind9 Container Error

Ulf Volmer u.volmer at
Mon Jan 18 23:16:14 UTC 2021

On 08.01.21 20:13, Juarez Souza Junior wrote:

> I'm using this line command to run:
> docker run --name=bind_test --restart=always --publish
> --publish --publish -v
> /var/lib/bind9-data/etc/bind:/etc/bind -v
> /var/lib/bind9-data/var/cache/bind:/var/cache/bind:Z -v
> /var/lib/bind9-data/var/lib/bind:/var/lib/bind:Z -v
> /var/lib/bind9-data/var/log:/var/log:Z internetsystemsconsortium/bind9:9.16

Is there any reason why you are using /etc/bind without selinux context
and the other volumes with?

I'm just guessing.

Best regards

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