configure notify for ixfer?

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Mark, Dan,

Thank you both.
I was so very sure that I'd missed something and with your correctly pointing out I'd missed an NS record I was able to find and correct the issue.

My static zones were written correctly but my dynamic zones were in fact missing the NS resource record the made the secondary authoritative and as a result was not notifying for dynamic changes.

Thank you very much,

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> On 2 Jun 2021, at 01:18, Cuttler, Brian R (HEALTH) via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
> My dns secondary is often behind on its dynamic zone tables.
> It looks to me like we are doing automatic transfer IXFR but not requently enough, but randomly.
> It looks to me that default 10 second interval for min transfer wait time.
> I'm missing something but haven't found the magic yet.
> Both primary/secondary BIND 9.11.4-P2-RedHat-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.5 on Centos 7.9.
> Goal is to have dynamic entries replicated on the secondary within a few minutes if not a few seconds.
> From what I’m reading I should be sending a notify from the primary to the secondary when a dynamic zone is updated but I don’t seem to be doing that.
> Would someone please point me to the option I’m missing to do so? I’ve either completely missed it, mis-understood what I read or am going in the wrong direction.
> 01-Jun-2021 07:49:05.425 xfer-out: client @0x7f17335f9450 ( transfer of '': IXFR started (serial 1501355783 -> 1501355796)
> 01-Jun-2021 07:49:05.426 xfer-out: client @0x7f17335f9450 ( transfer of '': IXFR ended
> 01-Jun-2021 08:46:52.595 xfer-out: client @0x7f17334a7e80 ( transfer of '': IXFR started (serial 1501355796 -> 1501355835)
> 01-Jun-2021 08:46:52.596 xfer-out: client @0x7f17334a7e80 ( transfer of '': IXFR ended
> 01-Jun-2021 09:35:10.776 xfer-out: client @0x7f1732f45d60 ( transfer of '': IXFR started (serial 1501355835 -> 1501355858)
> 01-Jun-2021 09:35:10.776 xfer-out: client @0x7f1732f45d60 ( transfer of '': IXFR ended
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian

Named uses the NS records for the zone to find the addresses of the secondary servers to send the NOTIFY messages to. Both primary and secondary servers do this by default.  The nameserver listed in the SOA record MNAME field is excluded this process.  Ensure you have address record for all your nameservers.

If a secondary is not listed in the NS RRset then you can use also-notify as Anand said.

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