Deprecating BIND 9.18+ on Windows (or making it community improved and supported

Richard T.A. Neal richard at
Thu Jun 3 08:03:39 UTC 2021

Thanks Vicky and Ondrej for providing clarity. I'll be sad to see it when this happens but as I said in my original post I don't underestimate the sheer amount of effort required to maintain BIND for Windows going forwards so it's completely understandable that you want to focus on platforms that are the most widely used and best understood by ISC. The retention of the dig client for Windows, even if unsupported, will indeed be welcomed by some.

I'll shift my own focus back to BIND on Linux now as well, but I'll retain a tertiary BIND server running 9.16 for Windows just so that I can help out anyone who subsequently downloads and installs BIND for Windows between now and its end-of-support date.



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