No more support for windows

Peter legacyone at
Fri Jun 4 19:09:37 UTC 2021

Well its clearly not working so it needs to change just like DDNS is 
free but you can paid for a subscription thats easy to do or SSL is free 
for 90days but you have the option to pay easily for a year but that 
might not work for bind for windows so it needs to be a subscription to 
run it at least for windows so it can be supported. This would mean some 
type of activation that can't work on another system how thats done I 
don't know like what if the system its running on goes down and you have 
to put bind on another system how do you deal with that and so 
on....maybe if you do a year subscription of some amount you get 12 one 
time keys in a file that bind uses each month to valid your use and 
removes a key this list can be updated to add more keys as you extend 
the subscription so in the event the system dies you have some keys for 
a new system.

But I don't really see this happening would like to be proven wrong.......

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