Expert view of core dump related to catalog zone

Ondřej Surý ondrej at
Mon Jun 14 16:40:16 UTC 2021

Hi Scott,

the latest upstream release is 9.16.16 where we fixed deadlock in addzone/modzone/delzone interaction.

If you can I would recommend waiting until Wednesday where 9.16.17 will be published.

If you still encounter the assertion failure, feel free to fill an issue with us at with a reproducer, full backtrace and coredump (you can use for large uploads).

It might be problematic to debug this as we don’t have any ppc64el hardware available at our disposal.

Ondřej Surý — ISC (He/Him)

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> On 14. 6. 2021, at 15:57, Scott Strattner <sstrattn at> wrote:
> 1. I looked at the release notes for 9.16.8 and didn't think it is related to any of the bug fixes mentioned, but could it be?

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