My FC33->FC34 bind-chroot upgrade notes

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Jun 17 10:12:15 UTC 2021

Am 17.06.21 um 07:43 schrieb Todd Chester via bind-users:
> On 6/16/21 2:52 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> Does this alteration at the top make it any clearer?
>>>      Note: at the command prompt, I use the following terminology:
>>>         # means run as root
>>>         $ means run as user
>>>      Inside a file, "#" mean it is a comment
>> not really - either use the ubuntu "sudo everything" or just type 
>> "root: command" and "user: command"
> xxxx: that would confuse the dickens out of me.
> I program in Raku (Perl 6) and  ":" has a bunch
> of special meanings that I always forget.  So
> ":" give me a start

but when you follow a how-to which tells you commands to run in the 
terminal leaded by the user you don't do program in Raku

a) the typical user don't program at all
b) i expect from programmers some sense for context
c) # is typcally a comment
d) $ leads a variable in PHP, but we don't talk about PHP
e) the typical user won't remember what # and $ means

however, in the real world just write "sudo command" is the best you can 
do - for the average user it's complete and leaves no questions

for power users which don't like sudo it should be no deal-breaker to 
type the command without "sudo" in a root shell

case closed

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