do I need to configure a Caching Server

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Sat Jun 19 08:14:25 UTC 2021

Am 18.06.21 um 20:28 schrieb techlists at
> I am building a home PHP hosting server for learning.  I have a 
> commercial connection to the Internet so no blocked ports and my ISP 
> allows servers.

unless you are hosting a authoritative zone aka domain on your 
nameserver it don't matter what your ISP allows

if you are not hosting any official zone you shouldn't have the port 
open to the world because nobody but bots and attackers will ask your 
server anyways

> I believe I only need a Primary Master Server.  Is this the case?

what is your usecase to begin with?

if it's just internal hostnames for your LAN maybe dnsmasq is the better 
solution because it can use simple hostfiles like /etc/hosts and 
forwards everything else to your ISP nameserver

> My question is, do I need to configure a Caching Server?

there is nothing to configure, if you ask your named for something it's 
not authoritative it either forwards or doing recursion (depends on the 
configuration) and cache the result based on the TTL

> In /etc/bind/named.conf.options:
>          [...]
>          forwarders {
>     ;
>     ;
>          };
>          [...]
> Do I need to set the forwarders?


let named do it's out-of-the-box job which is recursion - i can't think 
of any usecase where i do the work setup a nameserver and then forward 
everything to a crappy ISP server

after stop using forwarding all random dns problems where gone and never 
came back

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