Managing localhost

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Fri Jun 25 02:13:55 UTC 2021

Am 25.06.21 um 03:22 schrieb Grant Taylor via bind-users:
> Tony's statements surprised me enough that I shaved them for later deep 
> read and pondering.  That time has now come.
> On 6/21/21 11:00 AM, Tony Finch wrote:
>> That advice is out of date: nowadays you should not put any localhost 
>> entries in the DNS, because it can cause problems for web browser 
>> security. Modern software should suppress queries for localhost so 
>> they never reach the DNS.
> If I'm understanding the problem correctly, it seems to come down to 
> anything involving localhost /except/ fully qualified 
> localhost.(implicit null).
> My motivation was wanting to understand how what Tony was relaying 
> related to localhost being it's own top level zone with only an A and / 
> or AAAA record(s) resolving to and / or ::1 respectively.
> I'm still not convinced that fully qualified localhost.(implicit null) 
> is a problem in and of itself.  But I see how unqualified localhost can 
> ~> is a problem.

he is talking about "" and nothing else

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